Princess Diaries: The Heart of A Woman

Princess Diaries

HEADS-UP: Read at your own risk. I am a Christian and my personal biases may be evident in this article.


Three years ago I told myself that my Facebook wall will be a “wall of inspiration”. There will be no rants, complains or quips. This is also how I intend my blog to be. I would like people to read my posts and feel better about their life. I want to share to the world the moments in my life that are contagiously blessed.

Today I accidentally took an extra dose of sadness and so I though I’d write a short list about something every MAN must know about us, WOMEN.

I learned these information from an all-female weekend retreat I attended last year from the community I belong to.


First on the list, to be romanced. Yes we desire to be pursued and if that isn’t obvious then I don’t know what is. Second, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure. We definitely would want a true and perfect relationship, I mean who doesn’t. And lastly, to unveil beauty. Don’t you guys just find us mysterious and interesting? We couldn’t just reveal it without you showing interest.


Fortunate for us, the great man above created man this way:

A heart to love. You guys should then pursue and love us 🙂 . Man is also designed to have a heart for adventure. So therefore have an adventurous relationship with us that would allow us to play an irreplaceable role. Lastly, a heart for battle. You were designed to willingly sacrifice for the sake of your beloved.

Now, aren’t we supposed to click? 😉

*based on the CFC-SFC Princess Diaries Weekend Retreat, Session 2: Heart of a Woman


5 thoughts on “Princess Diaries: The Heart of A Woman

  1. As a fellow Catholiic-Christian Woman and member of SFC in Canada, not all women want to be seen as beautiful or worthy of love. I know who I am and who God created me to be, but I would rather be seen as being capable and important to God, instead of what you have described, as all women are created different, just look at St Joan of Arc…she was able to do something special for God even though she was a woman, she was able to lead an army with courage and fortitude.

    • oh does it have similarities? i have not read that book yet. the description of the womans heart (to be romanced, unveil beauty etc) and man’s design were however the exact terms used during the retreat i attended. i have them on my notes 🙂

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