I’m Bringing Sexy Back

Bringing the Sexy Back

I have been on hiatus that’s why it took me a week to update my blog. I got carried away with the four holidays for the month of August that I needed to reorient myself with the real world.

f2And since it feels like holiday the whole month long I don’t need a weighing scale to confirm that I’ve gained weight for all those sleep-eat routine. I couldn’t be happier than I am right now knowing that I could still fit in this dress that I had last May.

f3I love how chic and sophisticated this dress can be. And who wouldn’t want that sexy cut at the back right?

SAM_6669It goes well with this wedges however since I get to drive today, I changed to my comfy flats right after this photo was taken.

FYI: Holidays in the Philippines

August 2 – Adlaw Hong Butuan (Charter Day of my hometown, local holiday)

August 9 – Eidul-Fitr

August 21 – Ninoy Aquino Day

August 26 – National Heroes Day



flower5It’s Friday again! While most of you are preparing for that ultimate Friday night out, I will be spending the rest of the day preparing for my busy long weekend. I am quite excited to write about tomorrow’s beach wedding that I will be hosting and personally supervising. But just before my crowded schedule officially starts I took some time to share this late outfit post.



It was supposed to be my “Freaky Friday” entry of the Daily Prompt but I had not the chance to post that day. And so to answer the writing challenge, here I am wearing my older sister’s lovely floral dress. It is something she had a long time ago. I thought it would be interesting to exchange life with her for just one Friday because we are opposite in some ways. Β She is shy and soft spoken while I am very outgoing and loud. Perhaps a one-day switch will allow me to enjoy things that I don’t get to do now, like staying at home the whole day, attending a meeting without having to raise a good point, or a free sched over on a long weekend. Maybe, just maybe if I was shy and soft spoken like her I could choose to be a happy-go-lucky person.



So I could be bipolar at times πŸ˜€ Couldn’t decide which footwear to use so I had to take photos too of how I look if I go with the wedge.


SAM_6470This posh bag is from Rags2Riches by Rajo Laurel. I got it as a welcome token from Metrobank Femme Card, not bad right?


Head Turner, Old School, Laid-Back

faceFirst of all this is not a beauty blog. I just feel so proud of myself for a successful lipie I did on myself at the age of 28 πŸ˜€ Yes you heard me right. I don’t do make up until very recently. I thank lip pencil for doing so much wonder. Now enough of the #selfie, here it goes…

It is a holiday here in the Philippines as we commemorate the martyrdom of late Sen. Ninoy Aquino so I had enough time to come up with my fashion experiment. Here are three looks using one mini skirt that had from SM Lanang last May. Scroll down and let me know which one are you πŸ™‚


The Head Turner
Life is one big party, you always have to rock.

SAM_6502One look may be enough but why not give them reasons to look back.

SAM_6529Old School

Life is a lesson. Live how you were taught.

SAM_6532We could never go wrong with what we have been wearing since we were young.


Life is a beach. It is light and breezy.

SAM_6545The no brainer outfit for most people, it works every time.

SAM_6507Caught In The Act

Tadaaaa!! Behind the scenes of a one-woman photoshoot πŸ˜€


Daily Prompt: Procrastination

SAM_6383This is PROCRASTINATION in a different way. It is about putting off or delaying on wearing something. Some things that are new but has become old with TIME.

I heard from someone that if you have not used a dress (or any clothes) for the past 6 months then it is likely that you will not use it ever again.

SAM_6384Today I took some time to check on my closet to see which ones have been hanging around for quite sometime.

kaban2One of them is this lovely maxi dress that I had from my sister as a gift for Christmas last year. It fits me perfectly but I have had not the chance to use it as no occasion or event calls for it.

kaban3So after 8 months this would be the first time that I wore it.

SAM_6407To create that “carefree” look I used my yellow flipflop that I have not used for a year now. I got it for myself 4 Β years ago πŸ™‚

kaban5I use this ombre scarf and this “birds of paradise” necklace to add some drama.

kaban4These 2 posh items are props from our previous wedding events.

SAM_6394And finally I tried (but failed) to put some make-up on.

kabanSo why a chest box? Well there is a Pinoy idiom that says “galing sa kaban” (coming from the chest box) which means something very old and kept in containers such as a chest box.

Forever21 Maxi Dress



Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


Carefree is having extra large fries and hot fudge sundae with a loved one after previously having pizza, macaroni salad and takoyaki.


Carefree is ordering for three when there is only two of you.


Carefree is eating what you want without reference to your calorie guide or keeping in mind if it is a cheat day or not.

johIt is about doing a #selfie and a #CRmirrorshot.

arnAnd asking your boyfriend to post for your blog too πŸ˜€

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Daily Prompt: Standout


If you followed me on Instagram you would know that I prefer flats over heels. Part of my fondness for flats is the fact the I stand 5’4″, that for a Filipina is considered tall. Whenever I am wearing wedges or stilettos I have a weird feeling that everyone notices every move that I make. Well maybe it adds to the fact that I only wear them on special occasions where I am all dressed up with make-up on.


Flat shoes have always been my comfort footwear. I know I go never go wrong with them. They best suit me on my lazy days, rush hours, and most specially in my I-am-not-prepared and I-am-not-confident moments.


I like mine soft and colorful. How about?