My Wedding Playlist

My Wedding Playlist

Whenever we have a wedding event we get good compliments about our choice of music at the reception so why not share one set of my current favorite playlist.

Arrival of Guests


It’s all about setting the mood. Right before the first guest arrives at the venue make sure the music is already playing. Choose songs that are light on the ears, a bit upbeat, and exudes happiness. It would also help if these songs are familiar to most guests. Personally I combine old and new songs and try to do away with the “most requested song” of the week. Remember this day is about the couple so it would not be a good idea to turn everyone’s attention to highest grossing romantic movie or single that is out in the market. Love by Matt White never fails me 🙂

Program Proper


Here in the Philippines, we normally have a  reception program, it wouldn’t be a Pinoy wedding without one. So wether you have a simple or “big production” program, make sure you have the right music to go with it. For the traditional ceremonies like slicing of cake, drinking of wine, releasing of doves etc, I recommend a jolly song like Perfect Two by Auburn or I Do by Colbie Caillat. For the couple’s first dance, Everything by Michael Buble is perfect. We have clients requesting for slow love songs (their theme songs) for their dance and I must say it is a downer. Use It’s Raining Men by Geri H. and Wannabe by Spice Girls for the garter and bouquet toss respectively.


Finally end the program with a bang. An upbeat song is a must for this part. Make sure the sound’s booth operator knows that last 3 words of the host so he can immediately play the last song (no dead air). I use Drive By by Train or Firework by Katy Perry. Bear in mind that guests will bring the memory of the last song you play on their way home.

Dinner Time


Wether dinner is served at the start, middle part or after the program, have a different set of songs to entertain everybody. Make sure these songs are not used in other parts of the event. Again, go for the “feel good” songs.



Now if you are in charge for a friend’s wedding reception playlist, you must always consider the couple’s preference of music too.  You may have the best wedding playlist on hand but if the newlyweds are indifferent to it, it’s nonsense.

Dry Run


Before the big day, never forget to listen to the playlist you made. Be more particular with transition from one song to another, it shouldn’t sound awkward 🙂

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