Daily Prompt: Changes and Dreams

Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

I was 10 years old when I filled up my first slam book (popularly known as “autograph” in my school) and I could still remember what I wrote on what I wanted to become in the future…teacher.


My passion for teaching started in my room with my tables and chairs as my students. It then progress to hosting imaginary educational tv shows. But I did not end up as a professional teacher for a couple of reasons. I took up B.S. Industrial Pharmacy as advised by my mom and now I am a working for a drugstore as a pharmacist-manager. I love my work and I would like to explore more areas related to my profession but my love for teaching never fades.


By chance I ended up teaching English to Japanese students online during my free time in the evening and on weekends. This opportunity came in 2 months ago when I Β thought everything had changed from the time that I was answering slam books to the time I was befriending chemistry and math in college.

A lot of things constantly change (or is it everything?) and our future plans may not turn out the way we though they would but it is never to late to indulge in simple joys we find in fulfilling childhood dreams.

How about you? Tell us about your transformation at

and/or your dreams at


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Changes and Dreams

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  9. Your outfit is so summery and feminine. I like the laser-cut shorts. They’re different and that’s good!

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