Breakables: Love ko ‘to


I used to collect stationaries when I was young but other than that I don’t remember collecting anything else. I don’t like things piling up on one corner, they take too much time to clean. But just a year or two ago my parents got hooked on McDonald’s Coca-cola glass collectibles. Although I did not join them in this collection I did have so much fun watching their collection grow.

22222What I like with this collection is that we get to use them at home.

SAM_6133These short green ones match our translucent square plates at home so we use them most of the time.

SAM_6131We are currently using these “pink” short glasses since we shifted to pink plates months ago.


SAM_6130We have yet to use the “purple” and “pink” tall glasses.

SAM_6121Mama is the only one not following the color code. She uses one of these tall turquoise loves 🙂

doubleWe just can’t wait for their next release!


McDonalds Philippines, Love ko ‘to 🙂


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