Daily Prompt: Procrastination

SAM_6383This is PROCRASTINATION in a different way. It is about putting off or delaying on wearing something. Some things that are new but has become old with TIME.

I heard from someone that if you have not used a dress (or any clothes) for the past 6 months then it is likely that you will not use it ever again.

SAM_6384Today I took some time to check on my closet to see which ones have been hanging around for quite sometime.

kaban2One of them is this lovely maxi dress that I had from my sister as a gift for Christmas last year. It fits me perfectly but I have had not the chance to use it as no occasion or event calls for it.

kaban3So after 8 months this would be the first time that I wore it.

SAM_6407To create that “carefree” look I used my yellow flipflop that I have not used for a year now. I got it for myself 4 ย years ago ๐Ÿ™‚

kaban5I use this ombre scarf and this “birds of paradise” necklace to add some drama.

kaban4These 2 posh items are props from our previous wedding events.

SAM_6394And finally I tried (but failed) to put some make-up on.

kabanSo why a chest box? Well there is a Pinoy idiom that says “galing sa kaban” (coming from the chest box) which means something very old and kept in containers such as a chest box.

Forever21 Maxi Dress



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