flower5It’s Friday again! While most of you are preparing for that ultimate Friday night out, I will be spending the rest of the day preparing for my busy long weekend. I am quite excited to write about tomorrow’s beach wedding that I will be hosting and personally supervising. But just before my crowded schedule officially starts I took some time to share this late outfit post.



It was supposed to be my “Freaky Friday” entry of the Daily Prompt but I had not the chance to post that day. And so to answer the writing challenge, here I am wearing my older sister’s lovely floral dress. It is something she had a long time ago. I thought it would be interesting to exchange life with her for just one Friday because we are opposite in some ways.  She is shy and soft spoken while I am very outgoing and loud. Perhaps a one-day switch will allow me to enjoy things that I don’t get to do now, like staying at home the whole day, attending a meeting without having to raise a good point, or a free sched over on a long weekend. Maybe, just maybe if I was shy and soft spoken like her I could choose to be a happy-go-lucky person.



So I could be bipolar at times 😀 Couldn’t decide which footwear to use so I had to take photos too of how I look if I go with the wedge.


SAM_6470This posh bag is from Rags2Riches by Rajo Laurel. I got it as a welcome token from Metrobank Femme Card, not bad right?


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