Going Public


Here is part two of my teal-cyan-mint-celadon fondness. This is another skirt I borrowed from my sister who recently visited us here in Butuan City for a week. We couldn’t decide which camera to use for this #ootd fun shoot so while she was setting the proper exposure, shutter speed and aperture (I hope I got those right) from her Canon dslr, I was going over her shots from my dad’s Samsung NX10.


Two months ago I started to own a little space in the world wide web through WordPress and as I was asking myself today why, I could only think of one answer. 2013 is by far the busiest year in my career life and up until June I felt like I was disconnected with the rest of the world. I was so into my main job and sideline that I seemed to have taken for granted my “me time”. Blogging then  is my outlet, my RR, my super “me time”.


I was following popular fashion icons in the Philippines via Instagram and one day I just thought of visiting their blog sites and there…I fell in love. I aspire to be a fashion blogger too. Way to go before I could connect to the world and influence people like they do but hey, making 41 people follow you for your random posts is a good start right? So here we go with the rest of the photos. Continue at your own risks 😀








5 thoughts on “Going Public

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