Thursday Thrift: Floral x Polka Dot

Thursday Thrift: Floral

I know it’s not a Thursday but I was caught up at work last week that I failed to post this look. I have always been a fan of finding fashionable pieces at an insanely low price and so I did not think twice on buying this floral shorts.SAM_6995This interesting floral print is very light to wear. It is perfect for a stroll at the mall or even for travelling. It is stretchable and has pockets too. This for only Php 150 🙂1I paired it with my long time polka dot razer back top that I had for Php 100 🙂 I used it for a quick meeting I attended on a windy night so I put on my fave yellow jacket.SAM_6996SAM_7016SAM_7015




Over the weekend I had my dose of Jesus experience. We, the province of Agusan del Norte, were fortunate to have hosted the annual regional conference of the CFC-Singles for Christ of Northeastern Mindanao. It was yet another astounding encounter for me. SAM_7112

The past days have been challenging as I experience emotional roller coaster over my career, Christian service and life in general. Definitely I will not go over the ABCs of my life but for those of you who also have their “fig tree” moments allow me to share what He reminded me this weekend:

“Jesus recognizes us for who we are, what we’ve been through, and where we are now.” 

When God created man He said that we were made in His own image and likeness. He never said that to anyone else, not to the pigs, the trees nor the sky. Primarily it is because we are the only ones He created to have the capacity not only to look like Him, but also to love like Him and be loved by Him. He loved us so much that even when He created the universe, He had us in mind. Imagine if God made man before making the sun or the earth, then we would be lost in darkness and space. Makes so much sense right? As one of the conference speaker said we would have cried to the Lord “Ah Lord, asan po ako? Ang dilim” (Lord where am I? It’s so dark).

The love of God is universal yet it is entirely unique and personal. So wherever you are right now and whatever you are doing, let me just remind you, YOU are God’s beloved 🙂

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CFC-Singles for Christ Regional Conference 2013

Anchor Verse: “We love because He first loved us” 1 John 4:19

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