Genius Pink

It is not thursday thrift yet but I can’t go to sleep without sharing my “wise buy” from today’s Sundate at the mall.

My boyfriend and I were just killing time before we check out the Guardians of the Galaxy by strolling around gadget and accessories stores nearby. I did plan on giving my phone a new case but I don’t really spend much on accessories. I normally wait for the old one to wear and tear. And since Mr Smiggle is not giving up on me yet, I have been enjoying a very low maintenance iphone.

Screen shot 2014-08-10 at 10.41.29 PM

But look at this “shocking pink” iphone case I got from CD-R King, isn’t it lovely?


What makes it “shocking” though is that it only cost me Php 20.00. Yes that’s around 0.45 USD. Now that’s genius. It is not made of rubber but snugly fits iphone5. It’s light weight too so I still get to enjoy the essence of a slim phone.




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