3 Real Online Jobs for the Busy, Not so Busy and Totally Free Individuals

This is probably the nth time that I having been wanting to share about how I earn extra cash online, only that spare time comes so precious these days. Working at the comforts of my home is not something that I would like to end up my career with but it sure pays for some bills, short business-and-pleasure trips and a couple of my wants.


This is an English online tutorial site for Japanese students. Most, if not all, of their tutors are Filipino. I did not have any formal teaching experience when I joined Rarejob nor did I speak Japanese but it did not had bearing when I was assessed to become their tutor. This job requires Skype with camera and a good web connection. Basically you teach students via Skype while both of you have a copy of the material you will be discussing. Worry not for the student’s version of the manual have a Japanese subtitle. It will be the students who will choose you as their tutor but you will be the one to set the time slots you are available. There will be corresponding monetary deductions for late sessions, cancelled session, missed session etc.

Site: https://www.rarejob.com.ph/

Ideal Workers: Those individuals who have all the time they need.

Pay: depends on your teaching capabilities


How To Join:

  1. Register at their site
  2. Wait for their call. That would be their initial interview with you over the phone.
  3. If you pass the initial phone interview you will be scheduled for a company and job orientation of which a mock tutorial session will follow.
  4. You will then be assessed according to your teaching capabilities. This will be the basis of your hourly fee.

Other perks: They offer bonuses for tutors who have good student’s rating. Rating includes quality of web connection. If the student is absent, you still get paid in full.

 FYI: Rarejob withholds BIR taxes.

Brand Institute

Brand Institute is a branding company that hires health professionals to answer their surveys. Although ideal for both nurses and pharmacist, they also accept non health professionals as respondent.


Site: http://www.brandinstitute.com/

Ideal Workers: Those individuals who only have limited spare time.

Pay: $15-30 per survey


How To Join:

  1. Register here https://www.brandinstitute.com/memberservices/register.asp?refid=938012
  1. Apply for VIP (you will need to submit certain documents to prove your profession and identity such as billing statements, they would even need the # of Philippine PRC)
  2. It takes few month for the verification of the documents you submitted to become VIP but you may already answer surveys sent to you via email.
  3. After a month or two you will be paid via paypal or cheque, whichever you choose.

Perks of being a VIP: Surveys are first sent to you before it will be opened to non VIP respondents. This is important as surveys have quota.

FYI: on an average it takes me 15-20 mins to answer each survey. Who pays you $15 or even $30 to for a 15-minute work?



Probably the most popular online job hunting site. This site offers almost all jobs possible online. You simply go through a list of available jobs and apply. You will be the one to state your hourly or fixed rate. My payout mode is via direct fund transfer to my bank account.

Screen shot 2014-09-27 at 9.45.50 PM

I have done various Odesk jobs like voice over, video editing, article writing, non medical transcriptionist, copy paste jobs, researcher, logo making, etc.


 Site: https://www.odesk.com/

Ideal Workers: anyone

Pay: depends on job

FYI: Only hourly rates are guaranteed by Odesk.

A friendly advice? Never leave your day job. Online jobs may be a good source of income but it may not be as stable as having an employer you actually see face-to-face. I have had many good paying online jobs the allowed me to earn more than my day job’s salary but out of the blue the project got suspended etc. Part-time jobs will always be part-time jobs, take advantage of it but never rely solely on the virtual world for the food in the table.