Circuitous Path to Saving

First things first—-I am no financial guru.

The world have different standards when we speak of richness. To some one million is the benchmark, while for others five thousand. For many though fifty thousand will do.

Many may not realize it but apart from standards, we may also be using different units. Some may consider themselves rich for acquiring monetary wealth. Others measure richness with the number of business ventures they have. Still others consider themselves rich for having many friends.


But what keeps rich people rich? — Saving!

The truth is, saving is very addicting. Eureka! that’s why millionaires keep acquiring more and spending less. This is probably the reason why it is effortless for people who have money to stop themselves from being lured to promotional sales, shopping giveaways, etc. They are hardest people to convince to buy something they do not need at the moment.

Stewarding my own finances made me realized that every individual has a “saving threshold”. A point where one begins and is more motivated to save. In my case that would be ten thousand. It was almost impossible for me to reach this amount for a long time but when I did it was easier to be more thrift in buying anything. But when an unforeseen expense came my way and my savings went lower that my saving threshold I was back to square one. So the trick is pretty simple, never fall beyond your threshold.

How to reach your saving threshold? Here are desirable habits that you may start considering in order to manage your finances better. These are compilations of books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, seminars I’ve attended to and even lectures I gave.


It was from Sophie Kinsella’s, Confessions of a Shopaholic that I’ve learned to write down my expenses every time I come home. It was an effective way to save because I became conscious of my daily expenses. From there I was able to identify what was the big chunk of my day’s expense (food, taxi etc). But the most surprising revelation was those cheap but repetitive charges or payments I made. It is the unconscious and painless payments that made us ask ourselves “Where did my money go?” at the end of the week.


I personally believe that promotional sales are not for everybody. While buying on sale period makes us “save”, zero spending it still better that 70-80% savings in the form of discounts. SALES don’t look for me, I look for it. I don’t buy a thing because it is on sale, I plan to buy a thing and wait for it to be on sale. Typically the world would tell us that this is going to be harder for women that it would be for men.


We all hate it but we can never get rid of it, even if we are way pass college. If you want to save, get the exact figures. Compute your daily, weekly or monthly target savings. Never miss a centavo when consolidating costs. Know your numbers and it will surely grow. Just this year I enrolled in online banking, so I can keep track of all deposits and withdrawals I make (and do away with keeping atm receipts).


When the dead presidents are within your reach, it is harder to resist spending. So I never withdraw cash until I can no longer pay for a cab. Got scolded for this way back college when my sister knew about this habit 😛 For some of us it may also come handy when we someone else saves for us. My mom used to deposit  my paycheck in our joint account which made it hard for me to access my money (because I forgot my pincode and was too lazy to do something about it). And yes she saved for me 🙂 Then after a year, I started saving on my own, using my own bank account. I even invested on treasury bonds from a different bank (and forgot my atm pincode again). And guess what? I am now safe keeping someone else’s money too—paying it forward.

I’m no millionaire but I sure have managed my finances well. Hope you learned a thing or two.


A Rusty Sundate

A Rusty SundateLAST HURRAH

It was our last quality time together as a family last Sunday before my sister heads back to Cebu. I convinced them all to watch the UAAP Cheerdance Competition while having our afternoon snack. We first dropped by Margie’s Bakeshop (coffee shop) and Pan de Pugon to buy some foodies 🙂


Weekend, if ever I have one, is my time to detox and pamper myself. I work for a community drugstore so I get to serve customers the whole week. The drugstore I work for fronts a hospital so most of our customers are irritable watchers deprived of sleep, emotionally drained and financial challenged. It takes so much patience and a bag of charisma to satisfy (if not please) these group of individuals. But this Sunday (Sept 15) I get to play the “customer” role, only that I am not irritable at all. As the manager of the drugstore at the same time I know for sure how toxic it is attending to every customer’s complaints, most specially if it is about service rendered.

SAM_6872 2



fwp1Congratulations to UP Pep Squad by the way 🙂



Going Public


Here is part two of my teal-cyan-mint-celadon fondness. This is another skirt I borrowed from my sister who recently visited us here in Butuan City for a week. We couldn’t decide which camera to use for this #ootd fun shoot so while she was setting the proper exposure, shutter speed and aperture (I hope I got those right) from her Canon dslr, I was going over her shots from my dad’s Samsung NX10.


Two months ago I started to own a little space in the world wide web through WordPress and as I was asking myself today why, I could only think of one answer. 2013 is by far the busiest year in my career life and up until June I felt like I was disconnected with the rest of the world. I was so into my main job and sideline that I seemed to have taken for granted my “me time”. Blogging then  is my outlet, my RR, my super “me time”.


I was following popular fashion icons in the Philippines via Instagram and one day I just thought of visiting their blog sites and there…I fell in love. I aspire to be a fashion blogger too. Way to go before I could connect to the world and influence people like they do but hey, making 41 people follow you for your random posts is a good start right? So here we go with the rest of the photos. Continue at your own risks 😀








I’m Bringing Sexy Back

Bringing the Sexy Back

I have been on hiatus that’s why it took me a week to update my blog. I got carried away with the four holidays for the month of August that I needed to reorient myself with the real world.

f2And since it feels like holiday the whole month long I don’t need a weighing scale to confirm that I’ve gained weight for all those sleep-eat routine. I couldn’t be happier than I am right now knowing that I could still fit in this dress that I had last May.

f3I love how chic and sophisticated this dress can be. And who wouldn’t want that sexy cut at the back right?

SAM_6669It goes well with this wedges however since I get to drive today, I changed to my comfy flats right after this photo was taken.

FYI: Holidays in the Philippines

August 2 – Adlaw Hong Butuan (Charter Day of my hometown, local holiday)

August 9 – Eidul-Fitr

August 21 – Ninoy Aquino Day

August 26 – National Heroes Day


Throwback Thursday: The Little Sister That Was Annoying

This week’s throwback is a fun shoot I did with my sisters 3 years ago. Just some vain photos and a good laugh 🙂


“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”


“Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister.”


“My first job is big sister and I take that very seriously.”


“I was the little sister that was annoying.”


“My sister keeps me grounded.”

What unusual activities have you done with your siblings?


Know Your Coffee: Espresso, Mocha and Cappuccino

Know Your Coffee: Espresso, Mocha and Cappuccino

Bo’s Coffee is the closest I have to Starbucks at home.

I was probably the happiest person the day I found out that Bo’s will be brewing for the Butuanons. I had only visited Bo’s once in Greenhills when I was still staying in San Juan City so I was not familiar with their flavors. To my surprise they have my fave (Sbux christmas flavor) toffee nut. And what’s even better is that they have it the whole year round. In an instant I convinced my boyfriend, family and close friends to drop by the coffee shop more often not only to have my dose of toffee nut but in order for me to avail of their coffee book too ^_^

And speaking of coffee book, here is your coffee 101 lesson for the day courtesy of Bo’s:

“Coffee actually grows on trees–first as coffee flowers, and then as coffee cherries. Although pruned short in cultivation, a coffee tree can grow up to 30 feet high. It can live as long as 20-30 years, preferring a rich soil, mild temperatures, and frequent rain.

What makes it even more special is that not everyone can grow coffee. As an evergreen tropical shrub, it only grows in countries that belong to the Coffee Belt.”

According to Wikipedia the bean belt is the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and these areas are where the 20 largest coffee producers are.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bean_Belt

Now if you are wondering what is the difference between an espresso from a caffee americano, a mocha from a cappuccino, refer to the visual espresso field guide of Bo’s above.