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Here is part two of my teal-cyan-mint-celadon fondness. This is another skirt I borrowed from my sister who recently visited us here in Butuan City for a week. We couldn’t decide which camera to use for this #ootd fun shoot so while she was setting the proper exposure, shutter speed and aperture (I hope I got those right) from her Canon dslr, I was going over her shots from my dad’s Samsung NX10.


Two months ago I started to own a little space in the world wide web through WordPress and as I was asking myself today why, I could only think of one answer. 2013 is by far the busiest year in my career life and up until June I felt like I was disconnected with the rest of the world. I was so into my main job and sideline that I seemed to have taken for granted my “me time”. Blogging then  is my outlet, my RR, my super “me time”.


I was following popular fashion icons in the Philippines via Instagram and one day I just thought of visiting their blog sites and there…I fell in love. I aspire to be a fashion blogger too. Way to go before I could connect to the world and influence people like they do but hey, making 41 people follow you for your random posts is a good start right? So here we go with the rest of the photos. Continue at your own risks 😀








Sprinkle Some Love (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Sprinkle Some LoveIn the Philippines it’s like summer the whole year round. And while most people enjoy soaking themselves at Sprinkles Water Park here in Butuan last Sunday, I enjoyed the shade inside their very cozy dinning area. 32

*shoes from SM Solemate



flower5It’s Friday again! While most of you are preparing for that ultimate Friday night out, I will be spending the rest of the day preparing for my busy long weekend. I am quite excited to write about tomorrow’s beach wedding that I will be hosting and personally supervising. But just before my crowded schedule officially starts I took some time to share this late outfit post.



It was supposed to be my “Freaky Friday” entry of the Daily Prompt but I had not the chance to post that day. And so to answer the writing challenge, here I am wearing my older sister’s lovely floral dress. It is something she had a long time ago. I thought it would be interesting to exchange life with her for just one Friday because we are opposite in some ways.  She is shy and soft spoken while I am very outgoing and loud. Perhaps a one-day switch will allow me to enjoy things that I don’t get to do now, like staying at home the whole day, attending a meeting without having to raise a good point, or a free sched over on a long weekend. Maybe, just maybe if I was shy and soft spoken like her I could choose to be a happy-go-lucky person.



So I could be bipolar at times 😀 Couldn’t decide which footwear to use so I had to take photos too of how I look if I go with the wedge.


SAM_6470This posh bag is from Rags2Riches by Rajo Laurel. I got it as a welcome token from Metrobank Femme Card, not bad right?


Daily Prompt: Procrastination

SAM_6383This is PROCRASTINATION in a different way. It is about putting off or delaying on wearing something. Some things that are new but has become old with TIME.

I heard from someone that if you have not used a dress (or any clothes) for the past 6 months then it is likely that you will not use it ever again.

SAM_6384Today I took some time to check on my closet to see which ones have been hanging around for quite sometime.

kaban2One of them is this lovely maxi dress that I had from my sister as a gift for Christmas last year. It fits me perfectly but I have had not the chance to use it as no occasion or event calls for it.

kaban3So after 8 months this would be the first time that I wore it.

SAM_6407To create that “carefree” look I used my yellow flipflop that I have not used for a year now. I got it for myself 4  years ago 🙂

kaban5I use this ombre scarf and this “birds of paradise” necklace to add some drama.

kaban4These 2 posh items are props from our previous wedding events.

SAM_6394And finally I tried (but failed) to put some make-up on.

kabanSo why a chest box? Well there is a Pinoy idiom that says “galing sa kaban” (coming from the chest box) which means something very old and kept in containers such as a chest box.

Forever21 Maxi Dress



An Open Letter to Public Transport Commuters

“Courteousness is consideration for others; politeness is the method used to deliver such considerations.” ~Bryant McGill~

Dear Fellow Commuters,

Good Day!

I wrote to remind you of a basic value that every commuter must share, that is courtesy.


I understand that you and your friend must have not seen each other for a long time now (like 5 hours already) but please try to keep your voices low. There maybe that “gossiper” in each of us but unless you are celebrity-ish then your life may not be of our interest, or simple not interesting at all. Please spare us from your life’s mishaps and your neighbor’s ill gotten wealth. Bear in mind that you are only paying for the transport service provided, we do not get paid for unwillingly tuning in on you.


Now unless you are paying for two or currently suffering from body pain of some sort then please sit properly and keep your belongings on your own space.

Each of us take part in making our travel a good one. I have been commuting since 5th grade and I have had not a problem doing so in dress, in a hurry, with big tons of bags, or in sleepyhead— as long as we all remain courteous and polite.

“Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail.”
~Kurt Vonnegut Jailbird~

Loving the Passenger Seat,


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Daily Prompt: Life Line



If a palm reader would look at my hands right now, I am pretty much sure she will see all the responsibilities that I am holding. Like an old bracelet that was borrowed from my mom, I feel that I need to be extra careful in taking good care of all the aspects of my life. The good things that I have are temporary yet they hold as much value as those one of a kind  antique jewelries.

See what is on on other people’s hand at


Daily Prompt: Changes and Dreams

Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

I was 10 years old when I filled up my first slam book (popularly known as “autograph” in my school) and I could still remember what I wrote on what I wanted to become in the future…teacher.


My passion for teaching started in my room with my tables and chairs as my students. It then progress to hosting imaginary educational tv shows. But I did not end up as a professional teacher for a couple of reasons. I took up B.S. Industrial Pharmacy as advised by my mom and now I am a working for a drugstore as a pharmacist-manager. I love my work and I would like to explore more areas related to my profession but my love for teaching never fades.


By chance I ended up teaching English to Japanese students online during my free time in the evening and on weekends. This opportunity came in 2 months ago when I  thought everything had changed from the time that I was answering slam books to the time I was befriending chemistry and math in college.

A lot of things constantly change (or is it everything?) and our future plans may not turn out the way we though they would but it is never to late to indulge in simple joys we find in fulfilling childhood dreams.

How about you? Tell us about your transformation at

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