Photo Diary: Dayang Beach Resort (Talicud Island, Samal)

Dayang Beach Resort
Talicud Island, Samal, Davao
March 24-26,2016

UV Express Hired Van (one way Butuan-Davao): Php 4500
Motor Banka from Sta. Ana Port, Davao to Talicud Island: Php 60-100
Dayang Beach Resort Room Rates: Php 700 (good for 2 but we asked for extra bedding so we were able to fit in 4 adults and 1 child) other companions opted for Php 800 and Php 1500 per night
Water for Taking a Bath: Php 20 per container
Other Known Resort in the Island: Isla Reta

Note: It’s a semi-virgin island so you will have to bring everything you need (raw food, charcoal, butane stove etc)








5-minute Salad

We eat the food we deserve.

Tonight I deserve a salad for I have eaten a sinful burger and consumed a grande coffee frappe. But I’m no kitchen genius so a five-minute salad will do for me.

photo 1

Ingredients: lettuce (of your desired color), spam, grapes, garlic peanuts, apple, cheese and vinegar.

Direction: mix them all

photo 2

I also like it with pomelo however it is not in season where I am at right now. Pair it with a cold ready-to-drink four season juice and you’re good to go.


Food Porning: Berry Mix Medley Cheesecake

There are times that I thought of naming this site “chronicles of gaining weight” because that would some up the first half of my 2014. I know I was too busy engaging in so many things but looking back I could only recount the food I’ve eaten and the people I was with 🙂


Just this weekend mom bought 2 kilos of ripe mango from a friend and so we thought of making a dessert out of it. Naturally mango float was what everyone had in mind so we planned on buying graham today. But while my brother was busy finishing his float, I used the extra graham and shifted to a different dessert.


I made a yogurt cheesecake shot from ingredients we had at home. This is a modification of Nestle’s Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake found at http://www.pepper.ph/nfsy-deconstructed-strawberry-cheesecake-shots/


I came across this recipe while browsing through Facebook during my “me time” moments 2 weeks ago during an out of town training. And since then my sweet tooth couldn’t let a day pass by without bugging me about it.


1st Layer:  1 cup graham cracker crumbs, 1/4 cup melter butter, 2 tbsp white sugar

2nd Layer: 1 cup philadelphia cream cheese, 1 cup yogurt, 3 tbsp sugar, gelatin melted in milk

Topping: strawberry jam

Best served in shot glasses but if not available, salad bowls like this will do.


I did 2 trials for this. For both I omitted the corn syrup (in the original recipe, see link above) as it was not available. I only used plain strawberry jam for the topping too.  For trial 2, I omitted the gelatin and milk mix as I was in a hurry to finish it.


Oh boy I just had my first bowl  tsk tsk!!!


PS. in a RUSH?

Layer 1: graham cracker crumbs

Layer 2: Cream cheese

Layer 3: Yogurt

Layer 4: Strawberry Jam


Rediscovering Duka Bay

This was supposed to be my last blog for 2013 but the internet connection was too slow so I finished uploading photos at exactly 12:16AM here in the Philippines, that means this is technically my first post for 2014.

I couldn’t think of anything more precious than the company and love of a family. Every moment spent with them is surely something I value and I am very thankful for.

My 2013

Life is full of surprises. My 2013 has been a wonderful year and what better way to wrap it up than embracing new blessings in my life. Just this November 6, 2013, I got officially hired as a Pharmacist for an international beauty, health and lifestyle retailer. It was a career move that I did not plan but I am very much happy for. Although it meant lesser time with my family as I had to go on duty 6 times in a week, I look at the fulfillment I am getting from my new workplace. That is why all the more that I am making up for those times that I missed family dinners etc.  My sister also got married last December 6, the grand opening day of the branch I am employed at. I did not make it to her wedding but even with islands apart I made sure they felt my support. So for today I am sharing outfit post as the whole family rediscovers Duka Bay on my one-day off.


















And I couldn’t get by the last leg of my 2013 if not with the all out support and unconditional love of my B.

1524969_10152488864493084_1067686730_n“where your treasure is, there your heart will also be”.


Teal the World

SaturdateTeal, mint green, celadon and cyan blue, these are my kind of colors for this year. These shades are perfect the whole year round here in the Philippines.

SAM_6825 And since my sister is home for the week, not only did I have her take some of my #ootd I also arbored this vibrant sundress.SAM_6839Arbor” is a slang filipino term for asking something you like on the spot from someone else even if the owner is reluctant.2SAM_6833SAM_6844She did my messy-ish hair too 😛


It’s Never Too Late


If you are among my handful of loyal readers then you would know that lately I am fond of hanging out at Bo’s Coffee. Yesterday my boyfriend and I spent our Fridate at Bo’s before we call it a night.


It was my first time to read an issue of Town & Country and I am more than happy to have randomly picked it. Apart from the wonderful interiors they showcased, two articles caught my attention, Social Graces by Bob Morris and 101 People You Must Meet Right Now.


SAM_6706As seen in the photo above I was literally glued to Bob Morris’ article on the concept of “being late” across the globe. I was hooked up from the first up to the last word as I was looking forward to understanding (or finding excuses) my own punctuality issues. I am not a morning person so coming to work on time is an everyday struggle.

Around February to March this year, I was right on track on my “coming to work before time” self advocacy as I have chosen to fast on being late for the Lenten season. But right after Easter Sunday, I slid back to my usual routine. I have a valid and unique (non-repeating) reason for oversleeping each day. But as stated in toto from the article “With everyone running on a personal schedule, how can you even tell what lateness is anymore?

On assemblies or even meet ups with friends I noticed that I come 5-10 minutes late on the agreed time and yet more often than not I turn out to be the earliest bird. When I was still studying at the university, we had a 15-minute grace period. So I wasn’t really late even if I was actually late as long as I come to class within the said grace period. Seriously I think there is a need to re-evaluate the concept of punctuality, in the workplace, in the Philippines, and in the whole world. I wouldn’t be surprised if 5 hours late will be “on time” in the future. Although the article mentioned the US President Barack Obama and English actor Robert Pattinson to be famously late, we should also inspire ourselves with George W. Bush and Anna Wintour.

(See their story at this virtual version of the article http://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/fashionably-late).

Personally I got my motivation for my lenten season’s short-lived punctuality after knowing from a friend who is a bank manager that her company’s owners and CEOs come to work around 15-30 minutes before time.


arncocoffeeMeet Arn, my supportive boyfriend. But aside from him, Town & Country annually releases their 101 People You Must Meet Right NowIf you casually watch tv here in the Philippines then Tony Meloto, Anne Aboitiz, Ramon Ang, Ben Chan, Rajo Laurel, Juan Ponce Enrile, Daphne Ozena and Piolo Pascual would be familiar names. But the need to meet them? That’s the interesting part you need to read yourself from the article. Daphne enumerated some other names in her blog http://daphne.ph/thank-you-town-country .

SAM_6690By the way the magazine was an August 2012 issue 😀 Better late than never right?


Sunny Side Up :)

okIt has been raining in Butuan City for weeks now and I’ve been wanting to do some fun shoot. I was so happy so see Mr. Sun today and immediately called up my instant photographer 🙂SAM_6212See how nice the sky is today?

SAM_6223 grass necklace SAM_6187Wearing my mom’s new pair of wedges so I had to be extra careful.

SAM_6210 SAM_6254 SAM_6219And of of course my overused Pinkaholic bag 🙂