Mr & Mrs Q

Perhaps the easiest way for every bride to wrap up a wedding is by looking at the pictures and ask herself how she felt about it. No doubt it would be both blissful and rewarding.

Being a hands-on bride…and groom, it is gratifying to see all our ideas transform into a beautiful reality.

Sharing here some details of our do-it-yourself wedding that you might want to consider.


I’m a huge fan of surprises so I though of adding a “scratch off” sticker to our invitation card.

While we tried making our own scratch off paint (1 part washing liquid: 2 parts metallic silver acrylic paint), we were not able source out contact paper (used to protect the photo upon applying paint) here in the Philippines.  We ended up buying a ready made scratch off sticker from Etsy – Enchanting by Design and had it shipped (via EMS option) to Butuan City Postal Office in 2 weeks.

We used two photos from our recent out-of-town getaway 5 months before our wedding as our backdrop and did the wording and lay out myself. The minimal cost of our invitation afforded us to print the entourage page for all the 100 pieces as courtesy to all our guests.


DIY: Invitation, Garter, Boutonniere


For the envelops, we used sampler paper stacks, wrapping books and paper dollies from Bee Happy. Modge podge is extremely important for this project.



A florist would have been a wonderful addition to our wedding but we decided to slash this off our budget and besides I am lucky enough to have an equally gifted sister, Janice, who made the bride and maid of honor’s bouquet. I used fancy crystals and swarovski from worn out bracelet and necklace for the boutonnieres. An old gray scarf and my outdated gown’s tulle were used for the garter.

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DIY: Coin Holder (from old lacey key chain and empty flat bottle) and Boutonniere


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Well we did not cut the wooden letters ourselves but we laminated it with printed papers. Again we used mod podge (matte) since we needed to put it on top (and not underneath) the paper stack (we do not recommend commercial gift wrappers).




The medallions were pain in the ass. It took us 2 months to finish these deceiving decors, our only church decor by the way. While they look so easy to make, trust me they’re not. Good thing we allotted 11 months to prepare for our wedding. We made a total of 100 pieces.





TRIVIA: My husband and I placed the medallions and rolled this red carpet ourselves a day before our wedding, very do-it-yourself there. To date, these medallions have been used by our friends in 2 parties already.


Even before Toni G tied the knot, I had always wanted a wreath for a car bouquet so I did one myself which comes handy as christmas decor after the wedding. That’s just very me, having an ‘post wedding day’ use in mind.



Online search led me to Recuerdos where we were able to get these canvass bags and wristlets at reasonable prices. My brother-in-law did the lay out and hot pressed printing all the way from Cebu.  I got the bags as early as February 2015. *will update this post for better photos of the souvenir once the official photos come out



12310011_905619209513789_8545843842162757306_oTo say that our wedding was plain simple is an understatement. It was undemanding, basic, candid, dear, serene and full of love. It was  a type that would bring only pleasant memories. And no matter how many times I go over the photos, I always feel all the love and I could only wish the same for all the wives reading this.


Mrs Q


*more of the wedding at RJ Giberson Photography facebook page




Happily Ever After — Take One!

Summer in Butuan City is a season long celebration of weddings. So here is a throwback to my friends, Alrex and Suzette’s big day.

Marriage, they say, shouldn’t be showy. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt if we add up a little thrill on wedding days to add hype to everyone’s experience. I considered sharing this very coherent movie-themed wedding I attended last 2011 that I believe was well thought of and most of all hindi pinagpilitan. The fact that the couple are frequent moviegoers make the conceptualization a no brainer.


INVITATION: caricature of the couple at a movie house


GIVEAWAYS: paper mache of a popcorn

Another version of the souvenir was corn kernel placed inside a transparent bottle and wrapped with ribbons. 404919_10150507962897940_1877598777_n


Popcorn Bouquet

The popcorn bouquet was used during the reception in place of the calla lily used at the ceremony.

table number

TABLE NUMBER: movie titles


CAKE: movie clapper and film strips





ENGAGEMENT SHOOT: took along friends as extras 🙂



Although not in photo:

*their pre nup pictures were mounted on the side of the reception area like movie poster

*their menu and programme cards were laid out like movie tickets

*an excerpt from a musical movie was re enacted by the couple and selected friends, filmed, and was show during the reception

What better way to add romantic aura on your big day than to have String Musicians play while you walk down the famous aisle or to your first dance as a married couple.


My Wedding Playlist

My Wedding Playlist

Whenever we have a wedding event we get good compliments about our choice of music at the reception so why not share one set of my current favorite playlist.

Arrival of Guests


It’s all about setting the mood. Right before the first guest arrives at the venue make sure the music is already playing. Choose songs that are light on the ears, a bit upbeat, and exudes happiness. It would also help if these songs are familiar to most guests. Personally I combine old and new songs and try to do away with the “most requested song” of the week. Remember this day is about the couple so it would not be a good idea to turn everyone’s attention to highest grossing romantic movie or single that is out in the market. Love by Matt White never fails me 🙂

Program Proper


Here in the Philippines, we normally have a  reception program, it wouldn’t be a Pinoy wedding without one. So wether you have a simple or “big production” program, make sure you have the right music to go with it. For the traditional ceremonies like slicing of cake, drinking of wine, releasing of doves etc, I recommend a jolly song like Perfect Two by Auburn or I Do by Colbie Caillat. For the couple’s first dance, Everything by Michael Buble is perfect. We have clients requesting for slow love songs (their theme songs) for their dance and I must say it is a downer. Use It’s Raining Men by Geri H. and Wannabe by Spice Girls for the garter and bouquet toss respectively.


Finally end the program with a bang. An upbeat song is a must for this part. Make sure the sound’s booth operator knows that last 3 words of the host so he can immediately play the last song (no dead air). I use Drive By by Train or Firework by Katy Perry. Bear in mind that guests will bring the memory of the last song you play on their way home.

Dinner Time


Wether dinner is served at the start, middle part or after the program, have a different set of songs to entertain everybody. Make sure these songs are not used in other parts of the event. Again, go for the “feel good” songs.



Now if you are in charge for a friend’s wedding reception playlist, you must always consider the couple’s preference of music too.  You may have the best wedding playlist on hand but if the newlyweds are indifferent to it, it’s nonsense.

Dry Run


Before the big day, never forget to listen to the playlist you made. Be more particular with transition from one song to another, it shouldn’t sound awkward 🙂

For a hassle free wedding day, add us up at http://www.facebook.com/ohzeevents (for Butuan City and nearby residents only).